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Current Sermon Series: Explore God

Explore God - January 13 - February 24

When the topic of God comes up, many questions come to mind.  No matter where we are on our spiritual journey, we all still have questions we'd like to ask. If God is good, why is there pain and suffering in the world?  How can I know for sure that the Bible is reliable?  Does life have a purpose?  Even people who have had a relationship with God their whole lives still have questions.  This series is for exploring some of those commonly asked questions.

Along with hundreds of other churches in the Chicagoland area, we are going to spend seven weeks in January and February answering seven big questions about God, faith, and purpose.  Will you explore God with us?

  • Jan 13 - Does life have a purpose?
  • Jan 20 - Is there a God?
  • Jan 27 - Why does God allow suffering?
  • Feb 3 - Is Christianity too narrow?
  • Feb 10 - Is Jesus really God?
  • Feb 17 - Is the Bible reliable?
  • Feb 24 - Can I know God personally?

You can find more information about our worship gatherings by checking out our Directions page and What to Expect page.  The How To Get Involved page will give you more information about our church.