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Good Friday: How did Jesus view his death?

How did Jesus view his death? Jesus' death as nothing less than the accomplishment of God's eternal, loving plan to bring us back home to him. ...

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Getting Started in Bible Reading

Hearing and responding to God's Word is vital to a relationship with God. At the beginning of this year, we looked at Hebrews 3:7-4:13 in a sermon and considered how we can be "good listeners" to God. If we want to enter the rest God has made available to us and invites us into, we need to respond with trust and obedience when we hear him speak (see that message here). S...

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Learning from Zechariah: Devoted to God, Still Growing in Trust

What does God think of us when we struggle to trust him? What does he do when our faith is weak? The example of Zechariah's life teaches us a lot....

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Christ Is Our Hope for the Future

When you trust in Jesus Christ, you are receiving him as your hope for the future. But we usually believe we need to be the star player and hero of our lives, which only leads to stress and worry....

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