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Bringing the Gospel to Woodstock

Do you want to help people in Woodstock discover who Jesus is?

Imagine you are at a restaurant in Woodstock along with 20 other people. A 2021 survey tells us there are probably only 3 people there who have heard the gospel clearly explained while 17 out of every 20 people in Woodstock have not. That's 85% - more than 8 out of 10 people you are at the store with, living next to, working with, or walking past on the sidewalk. They know something's broken and something's missing in their life. But they haven't heard the good news that Jesus is the answer to both. We want to be part of changing that. We want to give everyone here an opportunity to discover who Jesus is. Do you want to be part of that?

We are looking for people to serve in some specific roles:

  • worship leader - plan, lead, and coordinate Sunday morning worship (up to 10 hours/wk, $20/hr) - see job posting on our website here
  • children's discipleship leader - Sundays and beyond

We're looking for people to get involved in a variety of ways:

  • Pray for open doors to talk about Jesus and open hearts to receive Jesus. Ask God to send people to Woodstock who want to help others discover who Jesus is.
  • Join the church long-term.
  • Get fully involved for a year then re-evaluate.
  • Get fully involved on Sundays for a year while staying involved in non-Sunday activities at your current church.
  • Help someone you know get connected and involved (e.g. by coming with them on Sunday).
  • Help with an event or project.
  • Share our Facebook page with your friends.