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Current Sermon Series - Micah

Micah: Who Is a God Like You? continued - January 3rd-17th

Right now, it can feel like our world is filled with chaos all around: leaders we aren't sure we can trust, political division, protests and riots and violence because of racial injustice and inequality, a global pandemic that is squeezing out the worst in us. A man named Micah knew a thing or two about living in such times. He lived in the 8th and 7th centuries B.C. - a little over 700 years before Jesus. The times in which Micah lived were anything but easy: three wars, corrupt and greedy leaders, a society and culture oppressing the vulnerable and those not in power. The nation had turned from God and that had turned them into takers. So God sent Micah as his spokesperson to show the people how they'd turned from God, what it had turned them into, and the disaster that would come if they didn't turn from their ways and turn back to God. In the middle of it all, Micah holds out the hope of God coming as a Shepherd-King to be the true leader of his people. Micah's name means "who is like the LORD" and in Micah's final message, he asks that very question and tells us no one is like God in forgiving us when we've turned from him. 

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