We are currently wearing masks during our worship gatherings.

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Current Sermon Series - Inviting Others to Surrender

Inviting Others to Surrender All of Life to Jesus (Vision 2022) - January 2 to January 16

As humans, we have the same deep spiritual problems, needs, and desires in common. As Christians, we have found the one who is the answer and fulfillment: Jesus. And yet, we tend to hide our faith in Jesus. We filter Jesus out of conversations. Jesus has made all the difference in the world to us. And he has blessed us to be a blessing to the world. With all people and in all situations, we need to learn to be who we really are - a person for whom Jesus is the most important thing because he has made such a difference in our lives. 

You can find more information about our worship gatherings by checking out our Directions page and What to Expect page.  The How To Get Involved page will give you more information about our church.