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Watch Online

On most Sundays, the sermon will be livestreamed using Facebook Live.

You want to visit a church's worship service but it feels intimidating. You don't know what to expect. You wonder what it will be like. That's why we are providing a live stream option.

We believe that the church isn't the building or the worship gathering. "Church" is a group of people following Jesus together. For this reason we believe that "church" is something that is exprienced in person and cannot be replaced by watching a video on a screen without the rest of the church body. Our goal is not to create a "church at home" experience but to provide you with a first step toward involvement in person.

You can watch the live stream by visiting our Facebook page on Sunday morning. We will only be streaming the sermon time, which will begin at about 10:30am. It will be available on most Sundays.