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Wish List

A wish list of what we need for our new facility - updated 1/3/23

We just signed a lease on a permanent facility which means we are in need of a lot of items to get this space set up for use. If you have any of these items that you'd like to donate, please send an email with a picture to or text with a picture to 815.575.9224.


  • Coffee carafes
  • Coffee maker


  • Changing table
  • Kids chairs
  • Kids tables
  • Baby/young toddler toys
  • Children’s books (especially Bible stories)
  • Baby dolls and doll accessories (crib, high chair etc.)
  • Cars/trucks
  • Other toys
  • Diapers of all sizes
  • Snack bowls and cups (reusable)
  • Kids room decor


  • Vacuum

Already Received - praise God!

This is a list of what people have already given so that you can see God's provision through the generosity of his people! (If it is still listed above, then we can use more of it.)

Thank you Christina Dam and friends!

  • Glider
  • Swing
  • Toys

Thank you Cory and Rachel Wyss!

  • White board
  • Cork board
  • 4 kid chairs

Thank you Hope City Church (Racine, WI)!

  • Sanctuary chairs - purchased 80 used chairs in good condition

Thank you Village Church of Barrington (Barrington, IL)!

  • Mini refrigerator
  • Pack n play
  • Baby swing
  • Play kitchen and play dishes/food
  • Baby doll accessories - strollers
  • Train Table and trains
  • Blocks/duplos
  • Preschool Tool Bench
  • Preschool Grill
  • Toddler/Preschool Wooden Puzzles
  • Activity ‘table’