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Post Category: Discipleship

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Turning to God to Feel Better (Lent 2022)

By identifying what we turn to in order to feel better, we can "give something up for Lent" that we turn to instead of God....

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Resources for Connecting with Others

This is a list of resources I've used in our sermon series on how to connect more in our relationships (here's the first sermon). If you want to continue your learning journey in how to connect with others, these are resources I'd recommend....

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Getting Started in Bible Reading

Hearing and responding to God's Word is vital to a relationship with God. At the beginning of this year, we looked at Hebrews 3:7-4:13 in a sermon and considered how we can be "good listeners" to God. If we want to enter the rest God has made available to us and invites us into, we need to respond with trust and obedience when we hear him speak (see that message here). S...

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4 Habits for Connecting with God

4 Habits for Connecting with God: Scripture, Silence, Solitude, Sabbath...

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